The SGKC Program

Greenspeed Research is excited to announce our 4th annual High School Solar Go-Kart Challenge (SGKC). By switching out old fossil fuel burning engines for clean electric motors and solar panels, the power of the sun will be harnessed to race student-built go-karts showcasing renewable energy and the exciting STEM fields.

These go-karts are 100% student designed, built and raced.

Teams consist of 8th -12th grade students with an adviser/coach. We have seen teams as small as 3 to upwards of 15 students with multiple mentors. These teams will compete to see which oneĀ can build the most efficient go-kart.

In addition to providing the Solar Go-Kart Kit, we assist with the tooling, materials, shop space, and expertise necessary for this hands-on STEM project.

Our Goals

Get your hands dirty with STEM

Get you thinking criticlly about Renewable Energy

Preparing for the Big Race

Go-kart kits will be distributed in February with all the main components to build a very competitive solar go-kart. Student teams should meet and work at least once or twice a week during the winter and spring until the race in May.

Benefit to Students

Students who engage in STEM projects such as the SGKC will gainĀ invaluable experience that will position them for lifelong success.

Benefits include:

Enhanced critical thinking and problem solving skills
Application of math and science concepts in a tangible project
Encouraging higher education
Standing out in college and scholarship applications and other post-secondary plans
Renewable energy education and awareness
Develop leadership and team work skills
Personal growth with a sense of accomplishment along with major confidence boosters