The Kit

Each team has an identical kit of parts. There is a chassis, a motor, solar panels and wires but what’s missing? There are no instructions! Teams will have to do some research, ask for help from mentors and get their hands dirty to make their own go-kart. Some ideas will work better than others, students are encouraged to try multiple ideas and test to find out what works best. There is no one single way to make a solar go-kart either. Each one is different.

This may sound like a big challenge, but when broken down into smaller steps it can all come together faster than you may think. A suggested syllabus can be downloaded on the resource page. Teams are not required to follow this exactly. It is just a general guide for the teams.

All the main components come in the kit to complete the go-kart except for a few mounting items. These missing parts corresponded to the 4 open ended design projects:

  • Motor mounting system
  • Solar Array rack
  • Electrical component fixtures
  • Driver dashboard

These systems have intentionally been left out to give students a ‘blank slate’ for exploring ideas and designs for accomplishing these tasks that make up the completed, functioning go-kart. Teams should plan on having to source some components.

Kit Itemized List

Description Manufacturer Model Qty
Solar Go-Kart Main Components
Go-Kart Chassis Express ATV Corp GK-110M 1
Electric Motor conversion kit Electric Motor Sport EMC-ME0909 1
Kit Content Generic 24-48 V Motor 1
Kit Content AllTrax Motor Controller 1
Kit Content AllTrax Throttle Potentiometer 1
Kit Content Generic 250 Amp Fuse 1
Kit Content Generic Solenoid with diode/Resistor 1
Kit Content Generic High Current E-stop Switch 1
Solar Panel Canadian solar CS6P 3
Speedo, Ah meter, volt meter Rev11 Rev11  Cycle Analyst 1
Max Power point tracker/charger Blue Sky Energy  3024iL (Display) 1
Upon receiving your kit please put all the boxes and packaging in a safe place. ALL THE ABOVE PARTS MUST BE RETURNED TO GsR IN ORIGINAL PACKAGING FOR A RETURN OF THE LEASE DEPOSIT
Consumables (Leases-Return in a box)
1 g. Wire kit Painless 40105 1
Red Wire, 10G Painless 70700 1
Black Wire, 10G Painless 70701 1
Red Wire, 14G Painless 71800 1
Black Wire, 14G Painless 71801 1
3 block circuit relay Painless 70113* 1
1g. crimp terminal Painless Generic 12
Terminal Crimp Kit Painless 40060 1
Toggle switch Painless 80502 1
Aircraft switch cover Painless 80521 1
7/8 shaft 0.192 keyway #41 16 tooth Generic 13, 14, 15, 16 tooth 1
Batteries 12v 26Ah Sterling PS-12260 2
3-1 Male MC4 connector Generic MC4-quick disconnect 1
3-1 Female MC4 connector Generic MC4-quick disconnect 1
15 amp inline MC4 fuse Generic MC4-with fuse 3
Charger Relay (24V 40 AMP) Generic W/ Socket Crimps 1