2018 Schedule

2018 Schedule Including Milestones and Requirements

Feb 14th

Program Launch-Teams should have their kits and be getting ready to dig in

March 18th (or before students come to GsR shop to do work)

GsR Release forms due (for using facility tools and picture permissions). All team members must have a parent or legal guardian fill out a release for using the tools in the GsR Facility.

March 25th

Deadline for TinyCAD schematic submission to GsR. Teams can have components laid out in the Go-Kart but should not start cutting or installing any wires until GsR has approved the initial build schematic. A schematic is a blueprint of the entire electrical design. The schematic should have every main component and wires showing how they connect to each other. Schematics can be several pages long sometimes.

PRO TIP: Make a “one wire diagram” first on a whiteboard with the team to figure out how the main components interact with each other. A single ‘wire’ or line connects from each component to signify a high level connection. After this is figured out, go in and add the details of the multiple wires that a go-kart will use. GsR can help along the way and give pointers and suggestions with the one wire and schematic. The initial schematic does not need to be the final one used for the tech inspection requirement.


Go-karts should be operational and testing should be conducted to optimize configurations

JUNE 15th

Race event permission slips due (hand in at tech inspection). Forms will be uploaded in the resources page June 6th.

JUNE 15th

4:00 PM        Go-Kart Tech inspection check in opens.

5:00 PM        Design Presentation – Each team will have 15 minutes for their presentation to a panel of STEM professionals. 10 minutes to present and 5 minutes of Q&A from the panel. 50% of the project points are from this event. Make sure to prepare and have a great presentation.

7:00 PM        Tech Inspection

JUNE 16th

9:00 AM        Go-karts move from high bay to pit area

9:15 AM        Course Marshalls meeting

9:30 AM        Drivers meeting

9:45 AM        Course walk

11:00 AM      Race Event 1: Relay race

12:45 PM     Pizza lunch

1:45 PM       Race Event 2: One lap race

3:00 PM       Award ceremony

4:00 PM      Close of event. Teams take karts with them. Thanks for another great year!