Team Work

Big projects end successfully when everybody works together. Everyone pitches in some help and a lot gets done. Splitting up duties is a great way to get everyone involved. Combining these duties make a greater result than the sum of each task.

Roles are a great way to get everyone thinking about where they can fit in a large project. Some suggested roles for the build can be but are not limited to:

  • Team Captain
  • CAD Designer(Solidworks)
  • Fabricator
  • Drive Train Designer
  • Electrical planner
  • Schematic builder (Using TinyCAD)
  • Solar Array and racking designer
  • Team Social Media director
  • Video maker
  • Logo and graphic design to customize the go-kart and or team shirts
  • Fundraiser to pay for extra or custom parts and team shirts
  • Rule Compliancy checker
  • Race event planner
  • Race day crew chief
  • Team Presentations director
  • Project manager

No one is limited to a single role and a good team has lots of shared and multidisciplinary work.