The GsR Shop

When it comes to building a go-kart, the GsR shop is available for teams who do not have access to fabrication tools. The following items are available to supervised students who have turned in the signed release form found on the resources page:


  • Hand tools
  • Horizontal and vertical bandsaw (for cutting metal stock)
  • CNC Plasma cutter
  • MIG welder
  • Drill press
  • Angle grinders
  • Hand drills

Raw Materials

  • Assorted Hardware
    • U-Bolts
    • ¼-20 nuts and bolts of various lengths
    • 10-24 nuts and bolts of various lengths
  • 0.125” Plate steel for making mounting plates and Dash
    • (student design panels made in Solidworks can be cut on the CNC plasma cutter)
    • See Fabriation page on the resources tab
  • Assorted metal
    • Angle iron
    • Flat stock
    • Square tube
    • Round tube

We are more than happy to help teams. Please have the adult team leader contact Patrick to schedule time(s).