Competition Info

2018 EVENT

The 2018 Season of the Solar Go-Kart Challenge will begin February 14th and conclude with the race on June (TBD).

The race will be a two day event, with one competition each day.

To be updated March

Full event description and criteria can be downloaded here


Teams will have 10 minutes (timed!) to present their design/build process to a panel of STEM professionals. The presentation should cover why the team made the decision they did (test results are very helpful for this). This will be followed by a 5 minute question and answer period with the presenters. Teams, keep in mind that 50% of the overall Challenge points are allotted to the design review. Make sure this event is not neglected.


The inspector will be verifying that all the class rules are being met. Teams must print off and provide a final schematic and go-kart data sheet of their completed go-kart to assist the inspector in identifying the circuits. Teams should be prepared to answer the tech inspector’s questions and explain any design choices should the inspector have any safety or class compliance concerns.

Go-karts that do not pass tech inspection will not be eligible to participate in the races the following day.


The race and the events are weather dependent and may be postponed, consolidated, or–in the worst case–canceled, if raining. The race director will have the final decision on all event activities and what order they will be done. Only one go-kart will ever be allowed on course at a time.

Speed race event:

The speed race will consist of one or more laps around a closed course on the Boise State campus. Teams will elect one driver to represent them for this race. The winner will be the team with the shortest overall time.

Relay race event:

The relay race will be conducted like the speed race, but will require that 4 different drivers each take turns to pilot the go-kart for one lap. Driver exchange will be done in the pit area. Driver switches will not be timed. The race official will penalize go-karts entering the pit area at a speed more than 5 miles per hour. The total race will cover 4 laps.

Awards and Closing

The awards ceremony will conducted by the Scoring Director. Awards will be presented for:

  • STEM Panel – Best Presentation – Certificate
  • STEM Panel – Most Innovative Design – Certificate
  • Rookie Team of the Year – Certificate
  • Overall Event 3rd Place – Trophy
  • Overall Event 2nd Place – Trophy
  • Overall Event 1st Place – Trophy

Following the awards ceremony, photos will be taken. All team members must participate.

It is expected that teams will stay until 4:00 pm on the race day to display the go-karts to the public after the photo shoot.

Teams will take their go-karts with them at the close of the event on Saturday. A post-program survey (taken online) must be completed by each participant within 48 hours after the event. All students must take this survey. It is very helpful for us to collect this data so we can continue the program and make it better every year!